3 June 2010

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Dear God,

Thank you for letting me wake up this morning. I can still hear the voices of my beloved one and can breath the same air like I did yesterday. God, today I got a warning from my daughter that they will take one of my kid. What should I do God? I'm scared that I can't protect her and my beloved one. And again God, I'm really sorry that I lost my emotion again. I got so angry when I saw something on the internet that can endanger my family.

Sometimes it so hard to hold my temper when temptations come in the same time. I can pass through the first temptation and the second. But when the third struck to my eyes, I really can't hold it on. Please God, save us, save my wife and my family.

And I hope that you don't mind If I ask that may I live with my daughters together again? And I hope before they're going back home, they can come to my home for a while. God, I really sorry if I always hurt you all the time. I am sinful and worthless, only You that can make my life worthed and wonderful. Thanks God, for always loving me till the end of my time.