4 June 2010

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Dear Jesus,

Father, I'm here right now to ask for Your help. I know that You want to give us the perfect time to meet. Perfect for all of us, and I know that I have to be trained first before I'm ready for all of this bless. I've got whatever I wanted: money, brain, good looking (at least average), good family and I got all of that without any hard work.

I know God, that you're giving me temptation just to make me have a strong will and not easily give up when facing big problems. You know the best things that I need and not that I want, but may I request something God? Just like a request from a children to his Father. May I meet them on my birthday next week God?

If you have a better plan for us, I really want to thank you God. You're my Father, You're my King and my only God. I believe You have big plans for us, and just like wise man says: "If you're facing such a great temptation, it means you're gonna facing such a great Bless." And If you don't mind, may I ask if I can live together again with my daughters (CA)? Please God, please, I don't want to see my wife and their sisters crying and ask me where are they.

It's such a pain to keep the truth from them. I love you Father, thanks for all blessings that you've been giving us. Please always be my side and keep us from Evil. Cause only in Your name, we pray and sing.