2 June 2010

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Dear God,

God, I really thank you that you save my family. I really couldn't do anything to save them, "they" didn't allow me to contact my family and want me to think that this is too hard. God, I know that I have to make it and solve all my problems by myself, but please God, may I ask you to meet my family? Especially my lovely wife, I need to protect her, she never asked me for it but I can't stand right here all alone watching she attacked time to time.

I love her so much God, my Jesus, please stand along by my side. I scared that I'll be tempted when I'm weak. I know that only you can give us the strength to survive and to win this war. You are my God, You are my Jesus, please help me too meet her and start our new live together. Me, her, my family and My Jesus.